Community Outreach

Healthy Pets = Happy Community

The veterinarians and staff at Olathe Animal Hospital have made a commitment to provide services to nonprofit groups in the Kansas City community. We donate, at no cost, time and services to programs such as Operation Wildlife (OWL), a publicly funded wildlife clinic. Over several years, we have provided medical and surgical care to hundreds of injured birds of prey and other animals, which have been released back into their natural habitats. Not long ago, a golden eagle with a badly fractured wing was operated on by our doctors and was eventually released near Phillipsburg, Kansas.

Since the late 1980’s, we have donated our services to classroom pets and Student Naturalist animals (including snakes, lizards, turtles, and other “exotic” critters) within the Olathe school districts and the greater Kansas City area. The “thank yous” we receive from students and teachers are reward enough and let us know that we are giving something back to the animals.

Olathe Animal Hospital staff have participated in the school district’s mentoring program and Career Days at local schools. Our vets are serving on various advisory boards for educational programs linked to the business community.