Healthy Pets = Happy Pet Parents

Comprehensive physical exams performed on a semi-annual basis are the cornerstone of our program to promote a long, healthy life for your pet. Whether your pet is canine, feline, avian, reptilian, or other small mammals, we recognize the importance of thorough examinations and careful listening (to you, the owner!) to help keep your pet healthy for years to come. Regular examinations allow us to detect early signs of illness and begin treatment before the illness has an opportunity to progress. We recognize how strong and valuable the bond between humans and pets can be, and we want to maintain the strength and duration of that bond.

Vaccine recommendations are tailored to your pet’s individual needs, and we avoid unnecessary over-vaccination. We recommend puppies and kittens receive a series of booster shots starting at 8 weeks of age (contact us for details regarding when these vaccinations are due).

As your pet ages, the need for routine exams is essential in detecting early signs of disease. We offer special benefits to dogs and cats 7 years of age and older by educating you about health risks of older pets, what to watch for, and we discuss screening tests we can perform to detect problems before the damage is irreversible. Our early detection Senior Wellness Testing program includes a thorough physical exam, complete in-house blood work, a thyroid profile, and a urinalysis.